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Nurse Resources

Tube and micro collection charts are provided for quick reference for the most commonly ordered tests. The tube charts are 11 x 17 size and are available by calling Client Services at 317-491-6000. Draw order and tube labeling charts assist with proper collection order and labeling of tubes. Guidelines for proper collection of coagulation samples called Fast Facts can be printed. A list of STAT tests and directions for using the on-line directory of services, accessible through power chart and PULSE are provided.

Accessing On-Line Lab Directory of Services 

Cerner Downtime Requisition

Cerner Downtime STAT Requisition

Coag Fast Facts

Draw Order Chart

Microtainer Draw Order Chart

Micro Supply Chart

Microtainer Tube Chart

New Orange Vacutainer Tube

POC Testing PULSE Webpage

STAT Test List

Top Volume Test Collection Chart

Tube Labeling Chart

Tube Labeling Guidelines

Transfusion Medicine Specimen Collection and Identification Policy

Transfusion Medicine Guidelines

Transfusion Medicine PULSE Webpage

Video on Proper Specimen Handling


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07/21- Urinalysis Press Release - Download PDF
Oxycodone Ur Screen, DOS Updates

06/17- Pap Test Ordering and Labeling - Download PDF
Urine Transport Containers, DOS Updates

05/29- FIT Test Rejection Criteria - Download PDF
GI Pathogen Panel, DOS Updates

04/21- Chronic TOF Pain Panel - Download PDF
DOS Updates

04/17- Urine Transport Containers - Download PDF
Client Supply Form

04/01- New CLIA Certificate - Download PDF
DOS Updates, Cerner Same Day Labs Pass

03/20- Micro Supply Chart - Download PDF
New UA Transport Tube for Outreach Clients 

03/10- Outreach Billing Update - Download PDF
Changes to Covered Insurance Plans 

03/06- DOS Updates - Download PDF
Lubricant Interference with ThinPrep Pap Test

02/12- Next Generation Gene Sequencing - Download PDF
Group B Streptococcus, 10-color Flow Cytometry

01/23- Blood Gas Test Changes - Download PDF
DOS Updates

01/20- Test Send Out Changes - Download PDF
DOS Updates, PSC Hours Change

01/08- Cardiac Troponins- Download PDF
DOS Updates, Molecular Test Updates


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